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Custom Split Seal Rings for Reliable Mechanical Seal Performance by Junty

Split seal rings play a vital role in preventing leaks in rotating equipment such as mixers, agitators, large volume pumps, and pumps with large shafts. These versatile seals can be easily installed and replaced without the need to remove a motor or disassemble a split case pump. The split seal ring offers exceptional sealing performance, making it a preferred choice in the fluid and gas control industries.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

One of the significant advantages of split seal rings is their ease of installation. They can be conveniently installed around the shaft without the need for complex disassembly procedures. Additionally, when maintenance is required, split seals can be swapped in and out of service without removing the motor or dividing the split case in the pump. This streamlined process saves time and effort, minimizing operational disruptions and ensuring efficient maintenance of the rotating equipment.

Diverse Materials for Optimal Performance

The split seal ring/face is manufactured using various materials, including Silicon Carbide (SSIC & RBSIC), Tungsten Carbide (6% Nickel TC & 6% Cobalt TC), and Carbon Graphite (Resin-impregnated & Metal-impregnated). Each material offers specific advantages in terms of sealing performance. Junty, as a professional split seal manufacturer, understands the diverse needs in the fluid and gas control industries. By offering split seals made from different materials, Junty ensures that their split seals can cater to a wide range of applications, including those in agitators, mixers, large volume pumps, and pumps with large shafts.

Customized Solutions for Reliable Seal Performance

With their rich experience in split seal manufacturing, Junty provides custom split seal services to meet the unique requirements of their customers. Whether it’s specific dimensions, material preferences, or performance specifications, Junty can deliver tailored split seals with reliable seal performance. By understanding the intricacies of the fluid and gas control industries, Junty can provide effective sealing solutions that enhance the efficiency and reliability of the mechanical seal for water pumps and other rotating equipment.


Junty‘s custom split seal rings offer reliable seal performance for mechanical seal applications in water pumps and a variety of rotating equipment. The ease of installation and maintenance provided by split seals ensures seamless operation and efficient maintenance procedures. With diverse materials such as Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, and Carbon Graphite, Junty enables customers to select the optimal material that suits their specific sealing requirements. Trust Junty, the professional split seal manufacturer, to provide customized solutions that deliver reliable sealing performance and enhance the overall operation of your water pumps and other rotating equipment. Contact Junty today to explore their range of custom split seal options and benefit from their expertise in mechanical seal technology.

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