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High Performance Surgical Gown by Winner Medical: Optimal Protection for High-Risk Surgeries

When dealing with lengthy surgical procedures carrying a notable infection risk, the crucial role of dependable and protective surgical gowns cannot be emphasized enough. Winner Medical, a renowned brand in the medical industry, presents their High Performance Surgical Gown, specifically designed to provide optimal protection in such critical scenarios. Let’s explore the key features of this advanced surgery dress and understand how it ensures the safety of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Impervious Fluid and Alcohol Repellency

The High Performance Surgical Gown by Winner Medical boasts an impervious barrier that effectively repels fluids and alcohol. This feature is crucial during high-risk procedures that involve large amounts of body fluid. The gown acts as a protective shield, preventing any penetration or contamination, thereby minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring a safe surgical environment.

Designed for High-Volume Fluid and High-Risk Procedures

Winner Medical’s High Performance Surgical Gown is specifically designed to cater to surgical procedures that involve a high volume of fluid and carry an elevated risk of infection. The gown’s construction and materials are carefully selected to meet the demands of such complex surgeries, providing the necessary protection and peace of mind to healthcare professionals.

Compliant with EN 13795 – High Performance Surgical Gown Protection

The High Performance Surgical Gown by Winner Medical meets the stringent standards set by EN 13795, ensuring high-performance protection. This compliance attests to the gown’s quality and effectiveness in safeguarding against fluid transmission and potential contamination. With Winner Medical’s commitment to excellence, healthcare professionals can trust in the reliability and performance of these surgical gowns.


Winner Medical’s High Performance Surgical Gown stands as a trusted solution for high-risk surgical procedures. With its impervious fluid and alcohol repellency, specialized design for high-volume fluid procedures, and compliance with EN 13795 standards, this surgery dress offers optimal protection to healthcare professionals. Trust in the expertise and quality of Winner Medical to provide a secure surgical environment, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most —delivering exceptional care.

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