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Ikinor: A Pioneering Interactive Flat Panel Manufacturer Transforming Education and Business

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education and business, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing collaboration and communication. Ikinor, a renowned interactive flat panel supplier, presents its cutting-edge interactive flat panel display equipped with Android 11 and high-performance features, designed to revolutionize meetings and classroom experiences.

Ikinor: A Pioneering Interactive Flat Panel Manufacturer Transforming Education and Business

Advanced Technology for Seamless Interaction

Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panel Display is a game-changer, boasting high accuracy infrared 40-point touch technology that allows multiple users to interact with the slim display simultaneously. With the Android 13 Mother Board, this IFPD offers a cost-efficient chipset solution with standard RAM 4G and ROM 32G, expandable up to a maximum of RAM 8G and ROM 128G. The result is a seamless and efficient user experience, capable of handling multiple tasks effortlessly.

Vivid Visuals with Zero Bonding Technology

The IFPD’s Zero Bonding Technology takes your visual experience to the next level. This advanced feature eliminates air gaps between the touch sensor and LCD, providing a more immersive visual experience with high-quality videos and vibrant colors. The NTSC 85% option enhances the display’s color gamut, delivering more lifelike and captivating images.

Enhanced Audio and Connectivity

Say goodbye to muffled audio with Ikinor’s upgraded audio system. The standard 2*15W speakers provide clear and powerful sound, while the optional subwoofer takes audio quality to the next level. The Full Function Type-C connection allows for fast power charging and data transmission, ensuring a seamless connection experience.

Versatility for Engaging Presentations

The IFPD’s dual pen feature automatically detects pen diameter (8mm & 3mm), enabling users to write in different colors and thicknesses simultaneously. The optional HD Out Mirroring allows presenters to magnify screen content for more engaging large venue presentations. The built-in infrared sensor ensures high-sensitive writing, with 2mm writing height and 1mm writing accuracy, offering fast writing and gesture erase capabilities.

Choose Ikinor for Interactive Excellence

With Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panel Display, education and business environments are transformed into hubs of collaboration and innovation. The seamless interaction, vivid visuals, enhanced audio, and versatile features make it the ideal choice for schools, businesses, and institutions seeking advanced interactive solutions. Embrace the future of learning and collaboration with Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panel Display. Contact Ikinor now and unlock the full potential of interactive excellence!

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