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Shenling’s Cutting-Edge Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters

Shenling is a pioneer in the HVAC industry with a core philosophy of safety, environmental protection and sustainability.The “ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater” is one of their stellar products, which offers a superior solution for those looking for an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and versatile commercial heat pump water heater.

A Glimpse into Shenling’s Remarkable Culture

Shenling’s corporate values are reflected in their dedication to creating a secure work environment and enhancing the quality of life for their employees. By fostering an environment where employees genuinely love Shenling and share in its development, the company paves the way for exceptional innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Innovation and Excellence in Production

Shenling’s production system is underpinned by leading technical advantages, a top-tier management team, and a state-of-the-art production base encompassing more than 150,000 square meters. With a capacity exceeding 1 billion dollars, Shenling ensures timely delivery to meet consumers’ needs while adhering to the high  quality standards.

The ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater – Eco-Friendly and Efficient

The ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater is a standout product within Shenling’s lineup. Designed for domestic spaces, it offers a perfect blend of space heating, cooling, and DHW (domestic Hot Water) functionalities. Featuring an energy efficiency class of A+++, R32 refrigerant, and innovative technology, this water heater is not only versatile but also environmentally conscious.


Shenling’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability is evident in their range of commercial heat pump water heaters. The “ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater” stands as a shining example of their dedication to providing high-quality, energy-efficient solutions that cater to modern needs while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

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