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Streamline Your Fiber Connections with FIBERCAN’s LC Connector

FIBERCAN’s LC connector is designed to simplify and streamline your fiber connections. With its pre-assembled one-piece design, this connector significantly reduces assembly time and ensures a hassle-free installation process. Whether you’re setting up a new data center or expanding your existing infrastructure, FIBERCAN‘s LC connector saves you valuable time and effort.

Ensuring Quality with Interferometer Testing

At FIBERCAN, they prioritize quality and performance. That’s why their LC connector undergoes rigorous testing, including the Interferometer test. This test verifies the precision and accuracy of the connector’s physical characteristics, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing signal loss. With FIBERCAN’s LC connector, you can trust that your fiber connections will deliver reliable and high-quality transmission.

Certified for Performance and Safety

FIBERCAN’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the certifications of their LC connector. It meets the stringent requirements of the IEC61754-20 standard, which ensures the compatibility and performance of fiber optic connectors. Additionally, their LC connector is RoHS certified, demonstrating its compliance with environmental regulations and its commitment to sustainability.


When it comes to fiber connections, FIBERCAN’s LC connector offers a reliable and efficient solution. With its pre-assembled design, it saves your time and effort during installation. The Interferometer testing guarantees the quality and precision of the connector, ensuring optimal performance. Furthermore, their LC connector is certified to meet industry standards, providing you with peace of mind regarding compatibility and safety. Trust FIBERCAN as your partner in achieving efficient and high-quality fiber connections. Upgrade your data center or network infrastructure with FIBERCAN’s LC connector and experience seamless and reliable fiber optic transmission.

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