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Sungrow and Memodo Partner to Develop Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Market

Sungrow, the global leading solar power inverter and energy storage system supplier, has announced a partnership with Memodo, one of the largest distributors of solar energy solutions in Europe. The partnership will focus on the commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage market, showcasing both companies’ commitment to energy storage development and innovation.

Joint Sales Increase Significantly

As long-term partners, Memodo and Sungrow have increased their joint sales significantly in the past years. Memodo currently distributes Sungrow’s inverters and energy storage systems solutions in all major German-speaking countries, the Netherlands, Italy, and other regions.

Addressing Supply-Demand Imbalances

The rising demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and renewable energy in Europe has led to increased costs for managing the electricity network, particularly for C&I users facing demand charges. C&I battery storage systems have the potential to reduce electricity costs for facilities where they are installed and provide cost management benefits for consumers.

PowerStack: Sungrow’s Flagship Product for C&I Market

Sungrow’s liquid-cooled energy storage system, the PowerStack, is a flagship product designed specifically for the C&I market. It represents an innovative integration of Sungrow’s power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. With features such as liquid-cooled temperature control and DC-DC controller, the product offers extended lifespan and enhanced profitability.


The partnership between Sungrow and Memodo is a significant milestone for both companies as they bring their expertise and innovations to the C&I energy storage market. With Memodo assuming the competence-driven side of the collaboration and Sungrow’s product portfolio, they provide full-scale solutions and services for this essential market segment. As the demand for sustainable energy continues to grow, Sungrow remains committed to providing innovative and high-quality solar power inverter and energy storage system solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market.

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