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Unveiling the Versatility of Plastic Foam Boards with Boyu Extruder

When it comes to versatile construction materials, PVC foam boards take the spotlight, offering a perfect blend of durability and flexibility. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Boyu Extruder proudly presents an exceptional range of plastic foam boards, making waves in the construction, transportation, signage, and furniture industries.

What is PVC Foam Board?

PVC foam board stands tall as a lightweight, soft, and durable sheet crafted from PVC resin powder, activated light calcium carbonate, and other foaming aids. This combination results in a uniform closed-cell structure, granting the board a bright, smooth surface ideal for an array of applications.

Types of PVC Foam Board

PVC Free Foam Board

The “Free” in PVC Free Foam Board signifies the freedom of the foaming process during production. Widely utilized for signs and displays, this variant boasts the lowest cost among all PVC foam board sheets, making it an economical yet high-quality choice.

PVC Celuka Foam Board (PVC Crust Foam Board)

Incorporating the Celuka manufacturing process, this foam board takes durability up a notch. With a mandrel inside the die and a small space between the mold and calibrator, the PVC Celuka foam board features a harder surface compared to its free foam counterpart.

PVC Co-Extrusion Foam Board

Enter the upgraded co-extrusion process, where two rigid outer layers embrace a PVC foam board’s middle layer. The result is a board with a surface harder and smoother than the Celuka variant, thanks to its rigid layer. Ideal for projects demanding a superior finish.

PVC Laminated Foam Board

Boyu Extruder introduces the PVC Laminated Foam Board, a game-changer in aesthetics. This composite board, featuring single or double-sided lamination, addresses the limited pattern selection of traditional PVC foam boards. The PVC film or aluminum surface grants it a natural wood appearance, complete with a wood grain texture.


In the dynamic world of construction materials, plastic foam boards stand as versatile players, and Boyu Extruder’s innovation elevates these materials to new heights. For projects demanding durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal, Boyu Extruder’s range of plastic foam boards is the go-to choice. Choose innovation, choose Boyu Extruder.

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