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Blovedream: Your Reliable Rugged Handheld Computer Supplier

In the fast-paced world of industrial solutions, having a reliable rugged handheld computer can make all the difference. Blovedream, a leading brand in the field, understands the critical role played by rugged handheld computers. They offer an array of impressive solutions to meet these demands, and the Blovedream rugged handheld computer T80 stands out as a prime example.

Blovedream’s Commitment to Excellence

Blovedream, with a history dating back to 2008, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the production of industrial-grade PDA products. They’ve earned their reputation as a trusted supplier for rugged handheld computers, providing solutions that are both reliable and innovative.

Introducing the Blovedream Rugged Handheld Computer T80

One of Blovedream’s standout products in the rugged handheld computer category is the T80. This handheld computer is designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements and has proven its worth across various sectors. With a robust 800W rear camera and features like anti-shake and flash, the T80 ensures clear and smooth photo and video capture, which is vital in many industrial applications.

Versatile Data Acquisition

Blovedream T80 is equipped with a range of data acquisition methods, including one-dimensional/two-dimensional barcode scanning, NFC, GPS, and camera functions. These features allow businesses to streamline their data collection processes, making the T80 a versatile tool for a variety of applications.

Durable and Resilient

One of the key selling points of Blovedream’s T80 rugged handheld computer is its durability. With an IP66 dust-proof and waterproof design and the ability to withstand a 1.5m drop, it excels even in harsh manufacturing environments, ensuring it can handle the demands of the industry.


In conclusion, Blovedream’s rugged handheld computer T80 is an excellent choice for industries that require top-notch data collection and durability in their devices. When searching for a rugged handheld computer supplier, Blovedream consistently stands out as a reliable and innovative option.

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