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Lightweight Privatized Conference Deployment for Seamless Meetings : Team Free Meets RHUB

Team Free has partnered with RHUB to provide a game-changing video conferencing software solution that offers lightweight, privatized conference deployment. This powerful combination streamlines the setup of conference rooms, ensuring seamless and hassle-free meetings.

Effortless Setup in Three Steps

Team Free and RHUB have revolutionized the conference room setup process, simplifying it to just three easy steps. First, connect the monitor to the designated display port. Second, connect the mouse to enable smooth control during conferences. Finally, plug in the power to activate the system. This straightforward setup eliminates the need for complex configurations or technical expertise, allowing businesses to deploy conference rooms quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Network Connectivity

Once the device is connected and deployed, it can be used immediately by connecting it to the network. Team Free and RHUB’s solution ensures seamless network connectivity, enabling conference participants to join meetings without any delays or connectivity issues. With a stable network connection, businesses can conduct video conferences with ease, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration.

Full Terminal Coverage and Lifetime Enjoyment

Team Free and RHUB’s video conferencing software solution provides full terminal coverage, ensuring that participants can join meetings from any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility allows for greater convenience and accessibility, enabling teams to collaborate effortlessly regardless of their location. Additionally, with lifetime enjoyment, businesses can benefit from continuous updates and improvements to the software, ensuring a future-proof conferencing solution.


In conclusion, Team Free and RHUB’s partnership offers a lightweight privatized conference deployment solution that simplifies the setup of conference rooms. Businesses can enjoy hassle-free and efficient meetings. Upgrade your conference room setup with Team Free and RHUB’s solution and experience a new level of productivity and collaboration.

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