NEW88 – Mau Binh and Things You Need to Know

Mau soldiers also known as gray card game, is a game based on a 52-card poker deck. This is one of the highly artistic and entertaining games so it is very popular with players. Especially Southerners.
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With this subject, it’s above NEW88 2 – 4 people will be able to play, each person will have 13 cards in hand. Depending on the strategy and style of play, arrange the number of differences. The way the cards are arranged is really important because it greatly determines the player’s win or loss.

The cards in Mau Binh that you need to know.

To win in this sport, we must first grasp and understand each card in it. In the article Mau Binh will be divided into 2 parts: quality part and number part. Regarding value, it is only determined by the number part, but the quality part has no comparative authority in this subject. Unlike progressive subjects, 2 will be the largest number Mau Binh Quite the contrary, it will be the smallest card, and the card with the highest position is the Ace.

The most basic way to arrange cards in Mau Binh. 

The best way to improve your chances of winning is to learn how to arrange the cards most appropriately. If you are a new player, don’t worry too much. NEW88 will guide you on the most basic way to arrange cards. In Mau Binh.

  • Arrange the cards from strong to weak: we will prioritize choosing strong cards, it is better to spend strong first than later. In case it only goes to the four-of-a-kind deck, we will prioritize the four-of-a-kind card number 1. For example, we have cards 9 10 J Q K and we will prioritize them in the first position.
  • Arrange in a 3-card box style: If among the 13 cards there is a pair or a box, we will prioritize it as the 1st position for the 3rd hand and the first hand will be placed in a box.
  • Arrange cards according to the 3-card straight: The player will place the pair in the middle or at the end combined with the straight drawn in the first hand.
  • Arrange according to the style of the card game: arrange the mau bid for the last branch, while the first and middle branches are arranged so that both sides are strong.
  • Arrange the positive pair: We arrange the weak pair in the last branch, while the two strongest pairs will be placed in the first and middle branches.

Special cases of Mau Binh card.

The Mau Binh White wins: The following cases are white wins and there is no need to compare cards.

  • Coiled Dragon: Set of long strings of the same suit from 2 – A, the player will have 24 bets.
  • Dragon Hall: Not of the same suit from 2 – A, the player will receive 12 times the bet.
  • Five pairs and one sham: if you have 5 pairs and 1 sham, you will win 6 times your bet.
  • Luc Pho Bon: If you own 6 pairs and 1 odd card, you will receive 3 times your bet.
  • Three buckets: If there are 3 buckets in 3 hands, you will receive 3 times your bet.
  • Three straights: if you have 3 straights in 3 branches, you will also receive 3 times the bet.

Mau soldiers Regular: Bet per Mau Binh Usually it will be calculated as follows.

  • Double digit 2: Receive 2 times your bet if you have the 2nd digit of the same digit.
  • Last card: Receive 3 times the bet if the 3rd hand is a set.
  • First Four of a Kind: Receive 4 times the bet if the first hand is a Four of a Kind.
  • Four of a kind 2: Receive 8 times the bet if 2 of a kind is a four of a kind.
  • 2nd straight flush box: Receive 10 times the bet if 2nd hand is the straight cleared.

How to calculate money in Mau Binh game

For players who are passionate about this sport, you should not miss the payment step. This will also help you not be easily deceived during the game. For the winning player, he will receive the losing customer’s bet, if he wins 2 hands, he will receive 2 bets, if he wins 3 hands, he will receive a total of 3 bets. If the player loses, the entire cost will be compensated to the winner. If the player loses all 3 costs, the payout will be multiplied by 3 to the winner. Mau Binh This.
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Experiences you should grasp when playing Mau Binh online

  • Choose a reputable house: Currently there are countless sites to play games, it is very difficult to find a reputable house if you are new to the game. Mau Binh online. You need to find out how long the site has been operating and what the license is like.
  • Stable mentality when playing: Most players will be very hot-faced when they lose big and few can maintain their composure during that time. Train yourself to be calm and let go of the thought that if you lose, you will win because the more you want to win, the more you will lose.
  • Know how to manage capital effectively: You must know how to regulate your capital to avoid going offshore. And with each bet, learn from experience to quickly become a good bettor.
  • Don’t expect too much luck: Many people are really superstitious. Before starting to play, they often pray for luck, but in reality, that doesn’t help you win big, it’s your level that matters. forever in card games Mau Binh This.

Hopefully the above article will help you understand better Mau Binh. Wishing new players entering the village of grey-scraping and those who want to learn strategies and experiences after reading my article. casino NEW88 You will become a super-class bettor and win many attractive rewards. And don’t forget to click on the reputable NEW88 link to register to play.

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