Unlocking the Potential of Energy Storage with VTC Power


In an era where energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount, VTC Power stands at the forefront with its comprehensive range of energy storage battery solutions. Designed to cater to both residential and commercial applications, these cutting-edge offerings are revolutionizing the industry.

VTCBATT Powerwall ESS: Unmatched Design and Reliability

When it comes to home energy storage, VTCBATT Powerwall ESS takes the lead. Its best-in-class IP67 waterproof and dustproof case ensures optimal protection in any environment. Crafted with superior materials, this solution boasts exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance, and reliability. VTC Power’s commitment to market-leading innovation shines through in every aspect of the Powerwall ESS, providing customers with unparalleled performance and peace of mind.

VTCBATT All-in-One ESS: Integrated System for Efficient Energy Storage

Simplifying energy storage like never before, VTCBATT All-in-One ESS combines the inverter and the energy storage battery into a single, seamless system. This integrated solution offers compatibility with major inverter brands, allowing for effortless integration into existing setups. The modular design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, putting control firmly in the hands of users. With VTC Power’s All-in-One ESS, efficient energy storage becomes a reality.

Floor Type ESS: Space-Saving Solution with High Energy Capacity

As space becomes increasingly limited, VTC Power’s Floor Type ESS emerges as the ideal solution. These systems boast a growing popularity in space-constrained environments, thanks to their ability to save valuable floor space without compromising on energy capacity. With options ranging from 7.6KWh to 20KWh, customers can choose the perfect fit for their requirements. The standard stack module design further enhances energy support, ensuring maximum output.


Embracing VTC Power’s energy storage battery solutions unlocks unparalleled quality, performance, and reliability. Whether it’s the Powerwall ESS, All-in-One ESS, or Floor Type ESS systems, customers can expect advanced designs, easy integration, space optimization, and exceptional efficiency. With a diverse Li-ion energy storage battery portfolio covering residential, commercial, and utility applications, VTC Power ensures scalability and adaptability to meet the unique energy storage needs of today and tomorrow. Embrace the future of energy storage with VTC Power and witness the transformation of your power management systems.

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